Management and financial consultancy services for banks, insurance companies, brokers, dealers and other financial intermediaries. This ranges from assistance with product development, through to product exploitation. Areas of expertise include equity & bond analysis, risk and portfolio risk analysis; corporate governance and compliance issues. Examples include analysis of the Financial Transactions Tax, Banks and market disintermediation; insurance company valuation and business tail analysis.

Management and financial consultancy services for private sector corporations and government agencies/departments. This includes company performance benchmarking and valuation, shareholder valuation, supply chain and competitor analysis. This includes detailed corporate strategy work, linking financial and operational performance together, and in providing advice and guidance regarding past and future strategies, and developing change management plans. It also includes detailed analysis of corporate structures, subsidiary performance, and the development of plans for business restructuring and improved value creation. Other elements covered include demand forecasting, technology impact studies, demographic market analysis, M&A advisory.

Preparing bespoke reports analysing various industries, pricing strategies, market entry conditions, and economic conditions. Sector specialisms include defence, aerospace, FMCG and automotive, oil and gas. Output is also prepared in other formats including presentations, and workshops. Work prepared on a confidential basis to high technical standards. Customers include defence ministries, large corporations, professional service firms (“Big 4”).

Economic and Financial Advisory Work. Advising other agencies, including environmental and alternative energy suppliers/users, industrial development agencies, and think tanks. This work also involves liaising with venture capitalists, and in helping with fund raising. International and emerging market focus.

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