Digit Ltd offers management and financial consulting services to large corporate, governments, banking and other financial institutions, NGOs and other agencies.

Areas of sector specialization include Defence, Aerospace, Banking & finance, Automotive, Telecommunications, oil & gas, renewable energy.

The company has a strong economics base and has expertise in the application of Input-Output analysis as a means of examining macro and micro impacts of economic changes on the entire economy. Recent work involved examining the impact of oil price changes on a central Asian Economy, and on investigating the sector and regional impacts of a Hard Brexit on the UK economy.

Digit has a skilled team of analysts and data processing experts who can deliver bespoke solutions to consulting issues.  The company was established in 2003 and draws on experience with organizations such as PwC, Charles River Associates (CRA), Unilever, Commerzbank and other financial institutions. The company has an established reputation for valuation and performance benchmarking engagements, based around advanced financial modelling skills.

Recent engagements include: Improving understanding of nationalism in the context of Social Identity Theory and recent elections in England and Scotland; Creating a Regional & Sectoral Pandemic Analysis Tool. These engagements involve mapping different data sources and integrating them to produce a synthetic view adding extra analytical insights relevant for operational and policy analysis.

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